Welcome to St.Mark's Church, East Kilbride


St. Mark's Church is a member of the Scottish Episcopal Church within the Anglican Communion.

We try to be a modern, inclusive, eucharistic, catholic congregation and we'd like to welcome you to come and join us.


Sunday Worship @ 11 am.

Wednesday mid-week said Eucharist @ 10.30 am.


You can find us in the Murray Area of East Kilbride, Scotland.

We’re off the Murray ‘roundabout; opposite Kwikfit at

1 Telford Road, The Murray, East Kilbride G75 0HN

or email: Mark Church


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Dear Friends,

Well, at the time of writing, we’ve just passed the 25th March: the feast day of the Annunciation of the Lord, when Gabriel visits Mary. It means that we are nine months ‘til Christmas!

(We’ll have celebrated the occasion at our Wednesday midweek service.)

Easter is so late this year, and Mothering Sunday, that daffodils are expected to have bloomed already. February was positively hot, and March cold and snowy.

The world is in chaos!

(Not going to mention the ecological and political upheaval this time!)

But to counter the chaos we worship an ‘immutable’ God.

God is all that ‘he’ is, was and ever will be, so he can not ‘change’.

But we do find find changes in our history where God has been experienced differently.

We often think of God as almighty and awe-full in the Old Testament.

And we think of God the forgiving and loving parent from the stories of the New Testament.

But a God who is loving, and who has never changed means our understanding of him has grown: developed.

In other words we hear stories of how we have changed: our understanding of God has changed: matured?

God is a constant: and that might bring us a degree of peace of mind in an ever changing and chaotic world.

We can rest: assured, in the eternal changelessness of the divine.

May you be filled with the peace and assurance of the loving and ever present God.

Love from,



Many thanks to Moira, who has managed the replacement of the church gas boiler. Upon fitting the new one the engineer discovered that the pipe beyond visible inspection was not of regulation standard. It was too narrow to feed two boilers. Our gas metre had the correct diameter, but below surface it had been fitted with a reducing bit. This had meant that our two boilers have been working harder to bring temperatures up in the buildings since they were fitted when he new hall was built,Mandy this has most probably shortened their life span. Moira, personally lifted the floorboards in church, and the engineers replaced the pipe with the correct grade. Of course, this has been a large increase in the cost of the project, and sooner, rather than later, we shall, most certainly, have to replace the boiler for the hall, and ancillary rooms. (It is already leaking)  As a congregation, we have been running with a very small amount of capital, over several decades. I think I am accurate in saying that we have come to the end of that financial margin, or to put it more bluntly the bank account, to all intents and purposes, is empty. I ask you to pray!

Electoral Synod

The Diocesan Electoral Synod ‘failed’ to reach a conclusion to the process of electing a new Bishop. This means we start again: not quite from the beginning, but at the time of writing we await a new mandate from the Primus. For many years ‘unity’ has been a major theological concept: Unity in Trinity: Unity in Diversity: Unity in Ecumenical relationships, the Anglican Comm-union. The candidates selected by the preparatory committee did not manage a unity of votes to select a candidate. We await information to hear whether we need a new preparatory committee to continue, or if we carry on with the current one. As Bishop Gregor has already retired we do not have to start quite from the beginning, which should save several months in the process. The diocesan electoral Synod is allowed a second attempt to elect a bishop, perhaps over the next four months, but if it does not manage to reach an agreement then the choice of a new Bishop for the diocese is passed on to the College of Bishops. There are seven diocese in the Scottish Episcopal Church and with this diocese being vacant, since Bishop Gregor retired that means the six remaining bishops would have the responsibility. These are not unchartered waters. Aberdeen passed responsibility on to the college of Bishops last year during their vacancy. While it was the canonically right thing to do, and an appropriate person was chosen: it was, nonetheless, a divisive moment for some. I ask you to pray for this diocese and the selection of a new Bishop who can unite it. To add to the complexity of the situation, the Dean, Ian Barcroft, has resigned and takes up the post of Provincial Director of Ordinands in Edinburgh. We wish him every blessing in his new role. This does mean that the duties of Bishop and Dean are now distributed between the Synod Clerk, the Provost and, perhaps, some of the canons of the diocese.


Regular Social Life at St. Mark’s

Each Tuesday

        Compline & Coffee 8 pm.

EachThursday (except July and August) 

       Lunch Club from 12.30 pm.

Last Saturday of the Month            

      Coffee Mornings 10 am. – Noon

2nd & 3rd Thursdays of the Month  

      Friendship Circle, Speaker and afternoon Tea

1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursday Afternoons

       Games, includng Indoor Bowling and Dominoes

Every two Months                            

      Quiz Night

Every Second month

       Acoustic Cafe


Annual Events                  

                                          Burn’s Supper

                                          Ash Wednesday and Lent

                                          Holy Week and Easter

                                          Murder Mystery Dinner

                                          Harvest Thanksgiving in October

                                          St. Andrew’s Tide Ceilidh with Fish Suppers

                                          Advent United service with Righead URC

                                          Christmas Carol Service with Nativity Play

                                          Christmas Midnightmas from 11.30 pm.


Ecumenical Activities include

 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in January

 World Day of Prayer

 Holy Week Events


And many shared events around the Murray as advertised