Welcome to St.Mark's Church, East Kilbride


St. Mark's Church is a member of the Scottish Episcopal Church within the Anglican Communion.

We try to be a modern, inclusive, eucharistic, catholic congregation and we'd like to welcome you to come and join us.


Sunday Worship @ 11 am.

Wednesday mid-week said Eucharist @ 10.30 am.


You can find us in the Murray Area of East Kilbride, Scotland.

We’re off the Murray ‘roundabout; opposite Kwikfit at

1 Telford Road, The Murray, East Kilbride G75 0HN

or email: Mark Church


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Dear Friends,

We swim against a global tide: the current of our time.

The Church of England has shrunk by half it’s membership over the last fifteen years.

The diocese of Glasgow and Galloway (and the whole Scottish Episcopal Church) has done a similar thing over the past thirty years. The Church of Scotland had a statistical account that suggested it was losing 400 people a day. Christianity, or at least, as we know it, is disappearing from our culture. Only less than one percent of people who have been through a Sunday School continue, or return to Church.

There are avenues of entry into a church: denominational schools, (e.g. the R.C schools: a shifting population. (e.g. Polish immigrants joining the British Roman Catholic Church) or national crisis, (people retuning to payer) or a Spiritual phenomenon, (such as, in relevantly recent times, the Toronto blessing, or Billy Graham. More ancient expressions might suggest the Wesley movement, the Anglo- Catholic renewal, the rise and numerous reforms of the monastic movement.) And of course there’s conversion: but the statistics suggest that very few people actually enter the church from conversion. It is more likely that they transfer from one congregation, or denomination to another. Perhaps because they are moving house, or because a new congregation has been established and the ‘fashion’ of something novel and perhaps excitement attracts.

So, as very few of these things apply to us, we don’t have denominational schools: incoming cultures, or immigrants from Anglican countries. We haven’t had a very public renewal. We’re not a very new congregation.. are we ‘exciting’?! And, as anglicans we don’t ‘do’ evangelism. 

So how should we attract people?

We become valuable to our local community and neighbours. It’s not an easy path. It means serving the community. It means putting us out there to make ourselves invaluable: attractive: indispensable to the neighbourhood.

It is, perhaps the only avenue open to us. As we open up ourselves socially, not just in our festive and party life, but also in our social concern and care do we prove to the outside world of our love. (‘By their love they’ll know them’: ACTs of the Apostles.)

Of course we have begun to do that but it’s a long haul, and it’s easy to lose sight, or lose hope: lose direction: especially when our numbers in church fall when central people, like Betty, Laura, Ruby, Rena, Izzy, Jeanie, to name but a few over the past few years, but also many others who have died.

Betty understood this. She brought people to church. She brought people to church attracted by line dancing, book reading, acting and drama, Murder Mystery Plays: even her carers: she brought to church. In her time, even when growing weaker and more infirm she brought people to St. Mark’s: that was the love she showed and people responded to it. She understood that it was when she was at her weakest and most infirm she needed to be with her God among his people, in the church.

Let us honour that faith and continue where she left off.

Love from,


Coffee Morning.

As you might receive this magazine we ah e time to give notice that there will be no September Coffee Morning. Too many of us will be away. This means that the last Saturday in October, the 27th, will be the next coffee Morning.

St. Andrew’s tide Ceilidh

The Cameron Brothers have confirmed a date for our St. Andrew’s Ceilidh on the 30th November. Be sure to keep an eye out for the notice: it’s always a popular event! Start dreaming of dancing, and hearing the Bothers, and decid mg what sort of ‘fish supper’ you’d like.


We have arranged a training evening with Ann Jones, the Diocesan Vulnerable people’s Protection Officer for Wednesday at 7.30pm. the 3rd October probably in St. Marks.

6th October Cleaning Church

Change of date! We’re having a cleaning party! If you’ve got time, a cloth, brush, or cleaning fluid; bring it along to St. Mark’s on Saturday 6th October and join In the ‘fun’!

Harvest Thanksgiving

We celebrate harvest in both churches on 7th October with an All Age, All Ability, All Activity in both St. Mark’s and St. Cuthbert’s. Gifts for Loaves and Fishes Food Bank in EK, and school equipment for Gambia in St. Cuthbert’s are requested.

Thanks to Fiona and Jim & Fiona and Jim, who have agreed to organise our nextQuiz Night., which is on Friday 12th October

Retiral Evensong

Gregor’s farewell Evensong is in the Cathedral on the 7th October.

Also gifts are permitted from the congregation: a bowl is available for any gifts at the back of the church.

Electoral Synod

The first formal electoral synod can’t be advertised until Bishop Gregor has actually retired, but it has been strongly suggested that it might be on 3rd November at St. Margaret’s Newlands. Also, we will have had a preparatory diocesan synod, to have a look at the diocesan profile and elect a number of folk from the diocese to the vacancy committee on the 22nd September.


St. Mark’s AGM takes place after worship on the 28th October.

St. Cuthbert’s AGM take place after worship on the 25th November.



Regular Social Life at St. Mark’s

Each Tuesday

        Compline & Coffee 8 pm.

EachThursday (except July and August) 

       Lunch Club from 12.30 pm.

Last Saturday of the Month            

      Coffee Mornings 10 am. – Noon

2nd & 3rd Thursdays of the Month  

      Friendship Circle, Speaker and afternoon Tea

1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursday Afternoons

       Games, includng Indoor Bowling and Dominoes

Every two Months                            

      Quiz Night

Every Second month

       Acoustic Cafe


Annual Events                  

                                          Burn’s Supper

                                          Ash Wednesday and Lent

                                          Holy Week and Easter

                                          Murder Mystery Dinner

                                          Harvest Thanksgiving in October

                                          St. Andrew’s Tide Ceilidh with Fish Suppers

                                          Advent United service with Righead URC

                                          Christmas Carol Service with Nativity Play

                                          Christmas Midnightmas from 11.30 pm.


Ecumenical Activities include

 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in January

 World Day of Prayer

 Holy Week Events


And many shared events around the Murray as advertised